Tech Is

When I started my career in Tech there was a distinct definition of what tech was down to the category of tech and so forth and so on. I started in a company that focused on Business Management Software and from there I moved to IT Solutions. Today I find myself in Web Based Services.

Today though, Tech isn’t really a category as much as it just is. Technology drives everything in our lives from our TV’s, Dishwashers, Cars, Credit Cards, Desks, Windows, Lights, Thermostats, Cameras and more. This on top of the obvious enhancements of things like smart watches, smart phones, etc. Adding “brains” to everything is the inevitable progression of the technology revolution. Why not gather information more effectively on usage of things like roads and utilities with smart monitoring devices?

While it is certainly inevitable, it is not without challenges, there are whole swaths of connected devices built on vulnerable technologies that pose an imminent threat. As always, the innovation is moving faster than safeguards can be put into place.

What does this mean? It means more opportunity for tech in traditionally non tech industries like using drones to plant trees and monitoring crops. It also probably means more widespread attacks like the one in 2016 that crippled the internet for hours on October 21.

What are your favorite tech gadgets? What are you most looking forward to for the future?